Filter office subscription

Filter office subscription

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Milk chocolate


If your team is looking for a fruit-forward and sweet filter coffee, El Diamante is our pick. This single origin micro-lot comprises Red and Yellow Bourbon produced by Isaul Regalado from the town of El DIamante in northern Peru. It has a sweet and vibrant profile, busting with notes of wild berries and milk chocolate. It can be enjoyed black or with milk / alt-milks.

Setting up your order

This subscription is suitable for any workplace that brews using a filter device (e.g., french press, pour over, Aeropress, batch brew).

The minimum order for an office subscription is 1kg bag per delivery. To set up your subscription, please select the desired number of 1kg bags per delivery.  If you would like to order quantities of 4kg or more, please complete the contact form on our Office Coffee page - we will then send you information on our higher discounts for larger orders.

While we can grind to order, our coffee is best enjoyed when ground as freshly as possible.  If your workplace is looking to purchase a grinder, please get in touch - we can provide you with recommendations for a grinder to suit your budget and needs, and can pass on “trade only” discounts.

Looking for another filter coffee?

If you would prefer an office subscription featuring another single origin filter in our catalogue, or would like a recommendation for your subscription, just complete the contact form on our Office Coffee page and we'll get back to you pronto.

Our relationship with Isaul

This is our second year working with the Regalado family, and the second harvest of Red and Yellow Bourbon that we have exported from them. It was harvested between August and September 2023 and landed in the UK in December 2023.

We agreed the price of the parchment coffee (that is, the unhulled coffee beans still covered by a natural protective "parchment" layer) with Isaul and Collective Bean while Isaul was processing his coffee. We paid Isaul directly for his coffee, with the support of Collective Bean. We then worked with Collective Bean to process it (including removing the parchment layer and packing it into 46kg bags) and export it to the UK.

For further details on the prices below visit our Transparency Page.

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