House blend office subscription

House blend office subscription

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If your team is looking for a consistently tasty and approachable everyday brew, our house blend, Dos Pueblos ("two towns") is the one. We create the blend by selecting premium coffees from the small-scale producers we work with directly in Peru. The result is a sweet and smooth cup with caramel, milk chocolate and apricot notes. It is perfectly balanced and can be enjoyed black or with milk / alt-milks. This is our go-to coffee for espresso but also suitable for any other brew method. It's the perfect all-rounder.

Setting up your order

The minimum order for an office subscription is 1kg bag per delivery. To set up your subscription, please select the desired number of 1kg bags per delivery.  If you would like to order quantities of 4kg or more, please complete the contact form on our Office Coffee page so we can send you information on our higher discounts for larger orders.

While we can grind to order, our coffee is best enjoyed when ground as freshly as possible.  If your workplace is looking to purchase a grinder, please get in touch - we can provide you with recommendations for a grinder to suit your budget and needs, and can pass on “trade only” discounts.

The current blend

The current iteration of Dos Pueblos features two single origin coffees:

• A washed mixed varietal microlot from (father and son) Ciro and Henry Castro, whose farm is located in the San Ignacio Province of northern Peru.

• A washed red and yellow bourbon produced by Isaul Regalado from the town of El Diamante.

While one or more of these components may change, we ensure that the quality and cup profile remains consistent year-round.

Our relationship

The price of specialty coffee depends on both its quality and the cost at each stage of the supply chain from seed to cup. We break down the costs of each coffee wherever possible to show our commitment to transparency and paying high prices to producers for high quality coffee.

For further details on the prices below visit our Transparency Page.

Price to producers
Total cost

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