Luz Helena

Luz Helena

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Pink bourbon


This Borbón Rosado (also known as “pink bourbon”) is a pink fruit flavour bomb! It was produced by Luz Helena, whose 8 hectare farm, Finca Maracay, sits at 1400-1450 M.A.S.L in Armenia, Quindío, a department in the center-west of Colombia. Packed with guava, raspberry and caramel, this coffee is perfect for drinking on summer days!

Luz Helena

Luz grew up in Armenia and has been producing coffee on her farm for the last 20 years.  She is the mother of Felipe and Carlos Arcila, who founded the family business, Cofinet, which produces, sources and exports coffee from the region. 

Several years ago Luz decided to transition to speciality coffee production. Inspired by the work of her husband, Jairo Arcila - the former Dry Mill Manager of Colombia’s second largest coffee exporter - Luz saw the potential on her farm for making coffee of a much higher quality than commercial coffee. With the support of Jairo and her sons, Luz began learning more about growing coffee plants, refining her farming practices, and improving the health of the trees, in order to produce high quality coffee cherries. 

Production process

This coffee underwent a washed process. The cherries were selectively harvested based on strict ripeness criteria. They were then processed by Cofinet at its processing station, La Pradera, in Quindio. There, the cherries were pulped (removing the surrounding fruit from the seed) and fermented for 30 hours, after which they were washed (removing the mucilage stuck to the seeds) and dried until reaching the desired moisture content. The beans were then hand-sorted to remove any defects.

Our relationship

We purchased this coffee from Cofinet.  The coffee was harvested between October and December 2023 and landed in the UK in May 2024. 

It is one of two coffees that we have purchased from Cofinet this year. We wanted to work with Cofinet given our shared values and approach to sourcing coffee.  Cofinet not only produce their own coffee on the family’s farms, but also connect other smallholder producers with speciality roasters, and support those producers to learn how to better grow and process their own coffee cherries. Doing so helps such producers add value to their coffee and, in turn, increase their income. They are also taking steps to maintain the biodiversity of the region, having set up a nursery for native plants which they share with producers for free.

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