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This lot comes from a cooperative of 35 small-holder producers, whose farms are situated along the Tulumayo River in Peru’s central Junin region, approximately 1800 M.A.S.L. The cooperative was born from a project established in 2012 to support local producers to increase the quality and yield of their coffee. Through the project, the producers received technical training as well as improved infrastructure to process their beans. The success of the project – and the producers’ exceptional work – is showcased in this delicious coffee, brimming with tropical fruit and cherry notes, followed by a milk chocolate finish.

Project story

The 2012 project was funded by the power company Enel Green Power, with the aim of promoting local economic development.  It was led David Bisetti, a coffee consultant and pioneering roaster in Peru and good friend of Conscious. As well as holding coffee production and tasting workshops with the producers, David and other experts periodically visited each producer’s farm, in order to offer practical advice and training on how to run small-scale speciality coffee farms.  The past 12 years has seen a marked advancement in the producers’ coffee cultivation and post-harvest processes, which has enabled them to form their own cooperative and move into Peru’s speciality coffee market.

Production process

This coffee was processed as a natural coffee. In order to ensure a tropical fruit flavour profile without over-fermentation, mould or other defects, the cooperative conducts a meticulous production process. The cherries are selectively harvested to ensure that only cherries of the ideal ripeness (i.e., the ideal sugar content) are picked. The cherries are added to a tank filled with fresh water, which removes dust and debris. Any under ripe (i.e., lesser dense) cherries float to the surface, where they can be skimmed off. The remaining cherries are laid on raised beds under plastic tents, where they are dried for approximately 10 days.

Our relationship

We were introduced to the Tulumayo cooperative by friend of Conscious, David Bisetti, through whom we have been able to import their coffee. This is our first year of working together. The coffee was harvested between August and October 2023 and landed in the UK in December 2023.  We purchased one 50kg sack this year. David and the cooperative agreed the price of the green coffee, which David also purchased for his own use in Lima. We then paid the cooperative through David for our sack.

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